“We had the pleasure of working with Amy as both our birth and post-partum doula. Her warmth and calming energy were just what we needed! Amy did a great job of supporting me and my partner, and advocating for our needs with the nursing staff at the hospital. Our birth experience was just what we wanted, and Amy was a huge part of that.

As a post-partum doula Amy was nurturing and supportive and provided just the right balance of being extremely helpful but not intrusive at all. As a new mom I was constantly doubting myself, and Amy made me feel competent and secure in my ability to do a great job caring for my daughter.”

Nicole, Colleen & Leila

“Amy has been with my family for two births. In 2008 she was my doula for my firstborn, and now in 2014 she was my doula again. Amy was a wonderful doula and I highly recommend her. I have recommended her to all of my pregnant friends.

Amy has the perfect personality for providing support during birth. For my first birth, I clearly remember needing both a hand to hold and a face on which to focus while breathing through each contraction. Amy looked at me with support and gentleness and carried me through each contraction. My husband was exhausted and appreciated Amy’s support as well. Amy provided us both with education on the process of birth and support on the actual day. Amy suggested alternate positions to help with the pain of the contractions, as well as bringing supplies to help ease the pain (such as massage balls, warmers for my back, an eye mask, and more). Amy didn’t forget my husband, and brought him snacks that helped sustain him during the hours of labor.

She did all of this and more at my second birth over five years later. I had a cold the day of my birth, and Amy not only supported me in the birth as she had previously, but she also helped ease the symptoms of my cold by massaging my face to make it easier to breathe. Prior to my second birth I told Amy that I really liked massage and gentle touch, but that I felt awkward asking for it. So we agreed that she would offer throughout my labor, giving me the opportunity to accept it without asking, or decline it. This meant the world to me. I don’t feel comfortable asking for things that feel like favors, even at a time like childbirth. It was wonderful that Amy supported me by offering me things (massages, ice, water, snacks, etc) throughout my labor, and meant that I could have the support I needed without feeling awkward.

I cannot say enough good things about Amy. My labor was long and there were points where it did not progress much at all. Without Amy’s support and encouragement, my husband and I would have had a frightening experience as opposed to a difficult but joyous experience.

After my second birth, Amy checked on me both at the hospital and in my home. She offered suggestions on breastfeeding as well as a referral to help me find a lactation consultant. I highly recommend Amy as a doula to anyone who is interested. Having Amy present at both my births has been so special to me.”

Stephanie, Joaquin, Aaron & Alex

“From the moment I met Amy, I knew she would become an important person in my life. Amy and I met in graduate school and we quickly became friends. Anyone who knows Amy knows her gentle nature is incredibly calming especially during difficult times. Her calm demeanor always helped center me as I learned to balance work, school and my personal responsibilities. Amy often spoke the right words to me at the right time. When I found out I was pregnant several years later, I knew immediately I wanted Amy to be my doula.

Being a public health professional, I often look for the evidence-based approach before making any decision regarding my health. I wasn’t immediately drawn to the idea of natural birth and I wanted information about different types of birth experiences. Amy guided me to learn about different approaches to birth as I became more curious about natural childbirth. She provided me with tons of information via books, seminars and research articles (perfect for someone like me who needs to read about everything!). Eventually, I decided to make the switch from my OB to a midwife when I was 5 months pregnant. All along Amy was never pushy and she remained patient as I thought long and hard about how I wanted my ideal birth to look like.

I could write pages about my birth experience but I’ll keep it short. After encountering several complications, Amy helped me keep a level head even during the most intense moments of my labor. She constantly reassured me I could do it even when I didn’t believe in myself. When I hit transition and I looked at her and said, “Amy, I can’t do this!” she locked eyes with me and confidently told me, “Diana, you can do this and you ARE doing this!” I can’t tell you how important it is to hear those words of encouragement during such a critical time in my labor. I am honored to say Amy helped me through the most important moment in my life as I welcomed my first child. It is truly Amy’s gift to help women give birth.

Diana, Iman & Aiko

“I was initially ambivalent about working with a doula because my husband Alex is very comfortable in medical situations and I thought he’d be a wonderful partner for the birth and extra support was unnecessary. For weeks after the birth, however, Alex and I continually found ourselves marveling at how pleased we were with our decision to have Amy there. The best words I can find to describe Amy’s presence during my labor and afterwards are “maternal,” “benevolent” and “advocate.”

Whenever there was any minor conflict (thankfully they were minor and the labor generally went smoothly) between my own comfort and needs and the hospital’s protocol, Amy was a reliable advocate. She was diplomatic and effective with everyone from the nurses, the doctor on the L&D floor during my labor and my own midwife. I vividly recall Amy’s encouraging words in my ear during the most intense moments of pushing. She was attuned to what I needed to hear and truly provided the reassurance and motivation that helped me through those final hours.

Amy was also crucial to my immediate post-partum recovery. She was the first person to give me really good counseling on breast-feeding (as all the nurses were telling me conflicting things which was confusing and frustrating) and she patiently helped me, Alex and my baby settle into our first night as a family. She has been a wonderful resource in the weeks since the birth as I have faced questions and conflicts as a new mother. Amy’s social sophistication combined with her passion for childbirth and education made her a fantastic doula and I feel so fortunate to have shared that very sacred time with her.

Lisa, Alex, & Noam

“There are really no words to express how awesome Amy truly is. She was there for me during my pregnancy, through every contraction, and post pregnancy. What I loved most about her right off the bat was her very calm demeanor, soothing voice, and how she genuinely loves what she does. Before our little man was born she met with us 3 separate times to get to know us.

She went over what to expect during labor, what our general plan was, and even gave us books from her library to help prepare us. She was always available via email and phone to answer every question we had. And then came the day in April when our son decided to come into the world. My wonderful husband was with me during the early part of labor and then Amy arrived in the middle of the night. It allowed my husband to get a couple hours of sleep so that he could be recharged for the rest of the labor – both of them made an amazing duo! She didn’t leave my side for one second.

We tried everything from a birthing ball to a rolling pin… What was the most helpful though were her encouraging words. She created such a positive environment both at home and at the hospital. When we arrived at Mt. Sinai I was already 7 cm dilated so I decided to follow through with no epidural. And at 12:42 PM our baby boy was here! It couldn’t have been possible without her – she provided us with a solid support system. We can’t wait till she’s by our side again for baby #2!”

Alpin, Ramin & Roman

“When my husband and I found out that I was pregnant it was exciting and scary at the same time. A friend introduced me to Amy as her doula and I was open to the idea.

Once we got in touch with one another, we met and she sat there, so patient, and listened to us as well as giving us feedback. She helped me understand what to look forward to and how to prepare. She was a huge advocate for my husband and myself.

As my pregnancy advanced, Amy listened to our concerns and was there for us. My birth came unexpectedly, however, Amy was a huge support and came to the hospital with open arms.

Thank you so much for being there!”

Shirit, Zachi & Agam

“Amy became our doula after two of our friends who had her as a doula recommended her. We had a wonderful birth experience at Roosevelt Hospital, and Amy was an important part of that. Amy met us at the hospital in the middle of the night, when I went into labor, and stayed until after the delivery. Doctors, nurses, and hospital staff were in an out of the labor and delivery room throughout that night and day, and if it weren’t for Amy, we would have been alone for most of the delivery.

Amy was a constant, reassuring, calming presence, and although we didn’t know her prior to the pregnancy, we felt totally comfortable with her presence in the delivery room. She helped us advocate for ourselves with the medical staff so that we could follow our birth plan, and she seemed to know exactly what I needed most during my worst pain and during the exhausting pushing phase.

She is sensitive, kind, unobtrusive, and simply radiates empathy and caring. I can’t imagine a better doula than Amy.”

Thank you so much for being there!”

Clarice, Andrew & Desmond

“I’ve known Amy Liss for 17 years, and when I became pregnant in October of 2010, I stayed in contact with her about my pregnancy’s progress even though she lives in New York and I live in Iowa.

Amy came to visit us for a week before our baby was due, expecting that he would not arrive but hoping to talk about what I wanted for the birth. Amy and I did research about my main fear, being induced, and she put me at ease.

When we got to the hospital, Amy and my husband began to interact with the staff to get my room comfortable. Amy encouraged me in my breathing. I began to struggle with my goal of being drug-free in my birth, and Amy reminded me that I could make noises, something that freed me to create a rhythmic chant. Later, Amy asked the nurse to help us get the whirlpool going because I had told Amy that I would like to try laboring in the whirlpool. My husband got in the whirlpool with me, and Amy gave us some privacy. When my husband needed a break from putting pressure on my lower back, Amy filled in for him. Right before it was time to push I began to question why I had wanted a drug-free birth. Amy continually encouraged me, telling me my baby was almost here.

Giving birth to my son was the most beautiful experience of my life, and I know that Amy’s presence had a lot to do with that. She made my husband and I feel confident in our plans about the birth, and immediately began to build positive relationships with all the hospital staff in order to help those plans become reality.”

Kelli, Danny & Elliott

“My husband and I met with Amy in my 7th month and she presented us with our options, gave us reading suggestions, and helped us to ask our doctor and the hospital birth center the right questions. She helped us write a birth plan that was simple, yet communicated our wishes for the birth. She educated us and let us come to decisions on our own; she never pressured us or pushed her own agenda.

My husband found working with Amy to be a relief; he was very nervous about the birth, about doing the right things when the big moment came. He found the reading she suggested to be helpful and she offered a lot of coaching both prior to, and at the moment of, birth. I feel that Amy prepared us more for the big day than my OB did.  When I was laboring at home, Amy gave me some advice on how to keep the contractions coming.

When we were at the hospital, Amy was prepared with little things I didn’t even think of, like straws! Who knew it would be easier to drink from a straw, rather than a cup, in labor? Amy’s words kept me going, even through the roughest part of it. When I was about 5-6cm, it was so bad, I thought I might take an epidural (I wanted to have a drug-free birth). Amy explained that this is a very painful part of labor. Her explanation made sense and I was able to power through after that.

She never pressured me to stick to my birth plan, but she encouraged me to remember my goals when I wasn’t thinking so clearly. She helped my husband immensely. When our little boy came, Amy was right next to me. I was glad to see Amy’s face at that moment. She was confident, reassuring, and positive through the whole ordeal. I couldn’t have done it without her!”

Jen, Jeff & Soren

“Amy was a supportive, consistent and gentle presence at the birth of my first son. I got to have the birth I wanted, in no small part because of Amy–not because she needed to advocate for me, but because it was her who made a simple suggestion that made all the difference in finding my strength at the final moments of my labor. I will be forever grateful that she was part of a birth experience that was triumphant and empowering, and one that I enjoy talking about with my son.

Amy also provided me with needed nourishment and support after the birth of my second son just two years later! I have complete trust in her dedication to support women and families in their healthy and happy life transitions.”

Sally, Josh, Zach & Marcus

“Amy was an incredibly important part of our childbirth experience. She provided us with enough information so that we could be as prepared as possible for labor and delivery and supported us all the way. She has a calm, comforting demeanor that was so reassuring! She was a huge support both to me and my husband before, during and after the birth of our first child.”

Robin, Aubrey & Luna

“I hired Amy to deliver my first born Lilia in 2011. Her sensitivity, attentiveness and resourcefulness was a great help in the process. I would recommend her services to anyone.”

Gita & Lilia